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(BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release Practitioner, Somatic Based Therapist, Holistic Counsellor, NARM informed professional (Neuro Affective Relational Model) Yoga Teacher, Dance Teacher/Dancer, Conscious Movement Facilitator, Personal Trainer, )


After spending years and years in a disembodied existence the yearning for true connection and authentic, embodied living became stronger every day...

I was a sensitive Being growing up in a world that felt so out of sync with my personal needs so the survival imprints and adaptations came online very early. 

As I came into my late teens and early adult years the chronic anxiety and insomnia followed by bouts of depression, eating disorder/body dysmorphia and drug abuse were tell tale signs that there was something that seriously needed tending to. These protector parts and subconscious patterns leading to Nervous system dysregulation, chronic shame and low self esteem were running the show. I knew there was more to life than the separation, shame, distrust and suffering I was experiencing.


Over the years BioDynamic Breathwork, Qigong, Yoga, Dance, Somatic Experiencing, Self Inquiry Work, NARM and other Somatic Based therapies all supported me to slowly and gently go inward and meet myself.. Really meet myself.. Even the more confronting and uncomfortable places. There was no way around them anymore.

Over time I began to build my capacity to meet myself in a more loving ,compassionate way; to gently unravel past conditionings and old patterns that my body/mind had been stuck in for years.. Nervous system regulation became key...Rhythmic and attuned social engagement became my nourishment... 

Faith,​Patience and compassion became strong allies on my healing path. 

Differentiating between Child and Adult Consciousness was my bridge to personal agency!

I started to become aware of my own unique cycle, the rhythms of nature and the natural contraction and expansion of existence. My field of resonance grew and I became more attuned to the callings of this treasured human body.

My sensitivity soon shifted from a curse to a Superpower!

As the inner landscape shifted so did my outer world and I started to experience life as I could only dream of it before...Present, Connected and ALIVE..​

It is a continual journey of meeting and tending to the layers as they reveal themselves. I am so humbled by this journey and have immense gratitude for all that have supported me along the way.. 

After years of study, research and immense dedication and commitment to the inner unravellings I feel a strong call to share what has supported me along my path..​

My greatest passion is in guiding and supporting exploration of the inner landscapes, natural somatic impulses, nervous system patterns and protective strategies that show up through our own unique narratives/body/system.

How can we navigate with deeper awareness, presence  and compassion for the full spectrum of experience and all the ways in which the body/psyche/nervous system responds to the world around us?

How can we anchor a reference point of stability within and reach out into the world from a core awareness of Belonging, Trust and Connection.?

Im passionate about supporting the individual and group field to meet the presence with compassionate curiosity and begin the process of repatterning early imprints whilst simultaneously celebrating our own unique Blueprints.

How can we co create a loving container for all that needs to be acknowledged and witnessed? 
How can we reconnect to the innate wisdom that resides within so that we may each access and share our unique gifts and expression in the world.?

Through my private and group sessions I offer BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release,Somatic Based Therapy, Holistic Counselling, NARM informed support, Creative Expression Sessions/Dance and Conscious Movement Exploration as resources and layers of support. ​


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We ALL deserve to live in balance and harmony… Attuned to the Rhythm of life...Attuned to the Rhythm of our bodies.. with a true sense of Belonging and Connection..

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