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Integration of Body, Mind Spirit Practices

This is a collaborative offering with myself and beloved Partner Jason.

"InFlow" Therapies honours the integration of the body, mind, spirit connection and a holistic, trauma informed approach to healing and wellbeing. Our intention is to create spaces of safety, guidance and support for the reconnection to true essence and more FLOW in all aspects of life.

At "InFlow" we strive to create therapeutic fields and pathways to support meeting one self in the most compassionate and authentic way possible.

We offer BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release Sessions, Somatic/Embodiment Exploration, Attunement Therapy, Touch work, Meditation, Holistic Counselling, Self inquiry work, Shamanic Practices, Energy Work, (Reiki and Sekhem), Health and Wellness Support, Mens and Womens Work and Sacred Ceremony.

When we approach our health and wellbeing in a holistic manner we can begin to navigate the world we live in with more openness and ease; creating space for more FLOW in mindset, emotions, physical wellbeing, lifeforce, connection to nature, surroundings and each other.

Our offerings take place via private sessions, small group settings, workshop spaces, retreats, sacred ceremony and online.

Jason and Liarna have been working alongside each other for the past 2 years and thrilled to now officially expand these offerings to all who feel a resonance with this work.

Liarna is a BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release practitioner, Yoga teacher, Holistic counsellor, Attunement therapy Practitioner, Dancer, Personal Trainer/Functional Fitness Trainer, Reiki Master,  holder of sacred space and embodiment enthusiast.
Liarna is most passionate about creating nurturing and supportive environments for people to explore and attune to the innate wisdom of the body through breathwork, conscious  movement, dance, FUNctional Exercise, self inquiry and the healing arts practices.

She is particularly dedicated to working with trauma that has locked in the body and relational field; thus showing up through the narrative and creating disharmony in ones life.

Her mission and intent is to support the unravelling of that which is blocking one from living fully free in the heart of each moment.

Jason Lindsay is a Shamanic medicine and energy healer. He is also in the process of completing his BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release Training.

Jason believes in the transformational power of spiritual development and integrative medicine. With a monumental amount of adversity to unravel in his lifetime it was his own trauma and personal struggles that brought him to do this work.

Living through disability, drug addiction, suicidal tendencies, and depression he is living proof of the profound positive changes that can happen within the individual.

Jason’s struggles gave birth to his healing journey and he has dedicated his path to spiritual wellbeing and self-development, where sacred ceremony, shamanic practices, breathwork and embodiment processes have been very much an integral part of his path.

To find out more click on link below to be taken to our facebook page 

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