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Connecting to our Cyclical Nature

"Of the Cycles" was born originally from a dance troupe of seven sisters. We came together through moving meditation; sharing our sacred, ceremonial and artistic movement practice. Through dance we expressed our connection to sacred femininity, connection to earth and womanhood. Through our prayer of dance and our weekly women circles and sharing we came together to offer our medicine to each other and the wider community.

Eventually through each others own personal offerings and gifts we were guided towards facilitating and creating  safe spaces for women to connect into the cyclical rhythms that we were attuned to and following.

As facilitators of expressive movement arts, yoga, breathwork, somatic psychology, embodiment, zenthai shiatsu and healing arts our dance evolved to offering retreats, women circles and events as our medicine to the people and ourselves. We live in a time where we are hyperconnected yet isolated at the same time. Our coming together is our remembrance to come back to our connections to the land, each other and the Divine.

Our collective dance with nature is our prayer and our way of healing and restoring harmony. We pray for a world where all beings are treated with love and respect, where both women and men are empowered in their true nature, and where diversity is celebrated rather than feared. We dance for unity and peace to be restored in our relationships with the planet, its people and within ourselves.

This is a collaborative creation and we offer monthly online New Moon and Full Moon Meditations, Community Gatherings and Retreats. To find out more click below to be taken to our website. 

Infinite and fierce love always, from Liarna, Sally and Laura

Of The Cycles (Sisters of The Cycles): Projects
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