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Byron Bay and Suffolk Park

These classes are a great way to connect with your body and express yourself in a positive, relaxed and supportive environment.

Ballet & Ballet/Conditioning

Classes to improve technique, mobility, strength, balance. Will consist of warm up, barre work and centre practice. (floor work for conditioning class)

Suggested as a class taken as a term commitment to work on progressions

Contemporary /Lyrical

Explore different movement patterns and work on balance, core strength, progressions and abstract choreography. Classes include thorough warm up, corner work, centre practices and abstract phrases or lyrical routines (same piece 2 weeks in a row to progress)

Suggested as a class taken as a term commitment to work on progressions

Jazz Fusion

A fun and playful class to build body confidence, fitness and strength

A fusion of commercial jazz, funk, cabaret and Burlesque inspired movement.

Pay by the term at reduced rate of $170 per class you enrol in(just $18.80 per class) *A great way to commit to progression over a term

10 class pass- $210 ($21 per class) expires at end of term. Perfect if you have a changing work roster or would like to try out different classes during the week 

Unlimited class pass -$350 (expires at end of term) Perfect if you want to commit to 2+ classes per week ( $38.80 per week) 

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This is a space for deep remembrance. An intimate space of reverence and self care.

We will journey through the main centres of the womb, heart and throat as we balance receptivity and deep listening with conscious, alligned action. 

As we gather as women in group containers we have the potential to journey the undercurrent of deep wisdom that ripples through the co creative space. Deep listening, sharing, witnessing and acknowledging that which arises individually and as a collective. 

Flickers of resonance landing as a reminder that we are not alone.

Space to come into coherency and allow the innate body wisdom to guide us. 

This will be a deep journey into the mystery of the present moment incorporating breathwork practices, somatic integration processes, vocal work, circle sharing, self inquiry and creative processes as resources of exploration and support.

Experience with breathwork or a foundational embodiment practice is recommended before entering this space.

PLEASE NOTE: This process can bring unintegrated experiences, aspects of self and emotions to the surface and it is each individuals responsibility to honour personal capacity and needs within the space and pre/post journey. There will be times of group vocal sounds and potential emotional expression of tears, laughter and other bodily responses within the group. If this feels triggering to you in any way then a private session may be more suited to you. (feel free to reach out to discuss more)

It is highly recommended that you keep the remainder of the evening free from too much stimulation or social activity so that integration can be honoured. 


Yoga mat or single foam mattress, cushion, blanket, water bottle, journal/pen, something to place on collective alter shall you desire, openess and curiosity :)

Please wear comfortable clothing to move freely in. 

It is suggested to refrain from eating anything heavy within an hour of our time together. 

There will be grounding snacks to enjoy at close of our circle. 

Limited capacity of 10 Women. 

Exchange- $60

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Start the year in connection and inspiration at this Full Day Breathwork and Somatic Exploration Retreat. 

This is the first new moon of the year and therefore a potent time to plant seeds of potential. This is a space to support clarity of vision for the year ahead as we emerge from a deeply challenging yet transformative 2 years.

The day will commence with gentle guided movement, somatic resourcing and various breathwork techniques to support anchoring more deeply into the body and group space. This also supports us into deeper awareness of personal intention for our time together. 

We will have a short lunch break and some time to wander the beautiful land that we are blessed to do this work on. (please bring a light lunch with you) 

After lunch we will deepen into the Movement and Breathwork practice. 

A full 45 min conscious dance journey will then lead you into a full 60- 90 min BioDynamic Breathwork journey to support gentle release, clarity and connection. 

There will then be a full 60 minute integrative phase which will incorporate a creative process in your chosen medium. (pastels, clay, essential oil blending, vision boarding) 

We will close the space and enjoy, wholesome snacks and herbal teas together 


-Mat (yoga mat or single camp mat for breathwork/movement)



- Comfortable clothes to move freely in

-Water bottle 

- Light Lunch


-Something to place on shared alter

Be sure to eat a light breakfast and arrive 15 mins prior to start time so that you can land and settle into the space. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

I hope to connect with you soon <3

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Your Task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


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