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and Therapeutic Support

There are a range of services and therapeutic paths..

Be in touch via booking link below for a 15 min call to discuss the most supportive approach for you.

Services: Treatments


BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System® (BBTRS) integrates deep connected breathing with Conscious Touch, Movement, Sound, Emotional Release and Meditation.

Most of us have experienced emotional or physical trauma on some level, which can restrict our breathing and capacity to feel. The resulting body armoring and muscular tension can endure for years. BBTRS’ integrative sessions support you to consciously work with the breath to support expanded capacity and flexibility within the nervous system 

Please Note: There are some contraindications to this work which include: pregnant women in the first trimester, those with epilepsy or history of seizures, some chronic heart conditions and some mental health conditions. There will be a thorough intake form to be filled out at time of booking and if there is anything present that is a contraindication we can discuss options.

Online and In Person Sessions Available at this Time. 


90 mins $140-Online

$150 In Person

*3 x 90 mins sessions $390-$420

*5 x 90 min sessions  $640-$670

*Group sessions occur monthly in both Melbourne and Northern NSW - Be in touch for more info or check out "Upcoming Events" or FB page

*You can also organize your own private breathwork circle with loved ones in the comfort of your own home. (Max 7 ppl)

2 hours $350-$400

Please Note: These sessions can also be combined with Holistic Counselling/Somatic Therapy Sessions or any other services that I offer (be in touch for more info and price)

Book 15 min consult call via booking link below 



Presence, Deep Listening, Compassionate Inquiry

NARM informed support (Neuro Affective Relational Model, Self inquiry, Somatic Exploration, Inner Child Work, Creative Processes. 

This is a space to sit in deep listening and honour of the narrative that unfolds through the body, emotions and nervous system.  

As we inquire into self and presence with what is most alive then we can rest into deeper relationship with the wholeness of who we are. These sessions can involve Inquiry into Patterns or Beliefs showing up in present Life, Exploration of natural Somatic Impulses, Compassionately Witnessing and acknowledging the Inner Child. Archetypal work, Creative Counselling, Somatic/Embodiment Exploration, Self Inquiry,Ritual and more...

This can be an addition to the Biodynamic breathwork and trauma release sessions or booked purely as a Holistic Counselling or Somatic Therapy  session.

60 min session (online only at this time)


3x 60 min sessions (online only at this time)


Get in touch to find out more about incorporating this work with other



Mobility, Strength, Working with Boundaries, Stress Release, Energy, Embodiment

A holistic approach to wellbeing through Effective Movement training and Wellbeing guidance. This may consist of or include Personal Training Program, Programs for relaxation and stress release, Qigong, Yoga, Mobility work, working with herbs and essential oils for holistic health and more.

Whether its greater mobility, strength, increasing or sustaining energy levels, connecting to personal boundaries, stress release or simply connecting more with your body that you are after there are plenty of avenues to explore..


These sessions and programs will be tailored to your specific needs and intentions. These can be created as online tailored programs or 1 on 1 private sessions. Small group yoga, qigong and effective movement training sessions also available.

Simply be in touch to book your complimentary 15 min call to discuss the most supportive approach for you. 



Be Supported in a Group Container 

A warm and welcoming space to be seen heard and acknowledged with the support of sisterhood.

Immersions into Embodiment exploration, Breathwork, Sacred ceremony and ritual.

These gatherings happen often and take place through monthly Breathwork and Embodiment Exploration Gatherings, Day long workshops and Weekend Retreats.  Keep updated by subscribing to the newsletter, checking out events tab of website or liking the FB page.



Express yourself through Dance and Creative Flow! 

Dance and conscious movement is such a great way to connect to different aspects of self and to express those things that words may not be able to express. 

I am also available to support with creative inspiration if you have a concept that you would like to share through the art form of Dance.

1 on 1 creative flow sessions, Freeflow movement workshops and structured classes or workshops. Available for all ages

ADULT CLASSES TAKING PLACE IN BYRON BAY @ Dance Dynamics Byron. (Check out instagram or fb page for more details) 


"Sassy and Sultry" 

Next Class is Friday 12th of August in Belgrave . (Check out events page for more info and to book)



Services: Testimonials

I have worked with Liarna in group and 1 on 1 breathwork sessions and found both to be wonderful and healing experiences. Liarna answered any questions I had and gave me time to debrief after the session finished. Even during the most intense moments of the breathwork, I felt very safe and comfortable. I look forward to working with Liarna again in the future!


My personal experience is my mind releases, my body remembers, I feel again, I no longer have to hold it all together, I can let go the pain, the heart ache, the tension, the fear and the struggle. Feeling safe to abandon my survival self to joyfully reconnect to my true authentic being with a deep relief and sign that I have come home again.


Wow, I don't know if there is actually anything I would recommend more than this. I have always struggled putting my feelings and emotions into words which had made me bottle a lot up and "stay strong" and crossing path the beautiful Liarna has changed my life forever. I am able to connect to my breath, my body like never before working through traumas i have worked hard at bottling up for many years, expressing and releasing and truly letting them go. Liarna is so nurturing and so incredibly knowledgeable in what she does, you can literally see her light up as she talks about what she does and it really reflects in her work and connection to people. Again, couldn't recommend anyone or anything more.


The space I was in was held so beautifully by Liarna to experience the healing nature of the breath work work shop, a new healing experience to me and was taught and talked through it all really well, looking forward to going again. Thankyou so much again


Liarna is the most beautiful soul. I feel completely comfortable being my full self around her because she can calmly and wisely hold the perfect space for you to explore who you are in your entirety. I can not recommend her workshops enough.


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